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Ordered a flashlight ring (GGG-1195) for my AR-15 with a $6 insert to accomodate my supertac x light. Received the ring, but no insert. Called over 10 times and sent 2 emails. One of the phone calls I actually got a live body, but was "accidentally" hung-up on after...
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I placed an order with BOTACH on 6/4/2010. On 6/30/2010 they charged me $130.68 and sent the wrong order. I called them and told them they sent me the wrong order. It took them a week to send the return label to sent it back. They received the package back from me on...
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i ordered from botach tactical and my order was received incomplete and WRONG. when i tried to contact them i spoke with 3 of the most uncaring persons in a row. i was told that i would just have to accept what i received. i wish i would have read the reviews here...
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Hello. I am a rep from Botach Tactical and I have read through your complaint. I would like the chance to rectify the service issue you received please email me bren...

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This company is just asking for a Fraud case in small claims court. I ordered 7 Hecker & Koch steel M4 magazines while I was deployed in Iraq, however I returned before I could receive them. They were returned from theater back to Botach in November, but they...
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Thanks for the heads up . I almost placed an order for some M&P mags. I was wondering how official S&W mags are half the price of the mags listed on the Official S&W site. ...

Potential customer

I was just about to place a large ($3000.00 worth) order from Botac. While I was looking for their phone number and came across all these complaints. All I can say is THANK E...

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